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06 March, 2008

A place where media academics and media professionals come together

A new Internet magazine, styled as Interjunction, has made its appearance.

Interjunction is a platform for media academics and professionals to interact -- and it will present issues of relevance to both groups, from media ethics, to effects, to education.

It is edited by Chindu Sreedharan and Rohit Chopra. Sreedharan lectures in news and feature journalism at the Media School, Bournemouth University, England. He describes himself as an accidental academic, “a journalist who strayed into academia in the line of duty”. Chopra is Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Babson College, Massachusetts, USA.

This is how they explain their mission:

Why we exist
To facilitate knowledge-exchange between media and academia
To enable interaction between and across newspeople and scholars
To comment on issues related to media and the academic study of media
To examine media coverage and academic analysis of key issues
To present political perspectives on media issues

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