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14 March, 2008

Indian workers in the Gulf among most dissatisfied

With living costs growing faster than salaries, a large section of expatriate employees in the Gulf States are dissatisfied and want to change jobs, according to the findings of the Arabian Business Salary Survey 2008.

A total of 8,914 respondents from 121 nationalities took part in what the website describes as “the most comprehensive salary survey the GCC has seen”. They answered 28 questions.

More than half of Indian expatriates working in the UAE saw their real wages diminish during 2007, outnumbering those who saw their salaries rise by more than four to one.

Workers from India and Pakistan were particularly dissatisfied with their current employment, with 70.6% and 65% respectively saying they were more likely to quit their jobs this year. Only 14.6% of Indian and 16% of Pakistani workers said they were less likely to switch jobs.

Almost three-quarters of employees in Oman said that were more likely to quit their job this year, with only 14% saying they were more likely see the year out in their present position. In Saudi Arabia 67% of employees said they were looking for another job, while in the UAE the figure stood at 68%.

According to the Survey report, 45.4% of the Indians send home over 20% of their income. The corresponding figures for some other nationalities are: Filipinos 68%, UK citizens under 40%, Americans 38.7%, Pakistanis 36% and Frenchmen 35.2%

Many more of those in the low and middle income brackets - which include the majority of Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos - repatriate between 10% and 50% of their salary than those in the high income brackets.

Expatriates constitute over 40% of the region’s population. Over 20% of the employees do not send any money back to their home country.

For details of the report, please go to SALARY SURVEY REPORT

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