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22 March, 2008

New television network to serve South Asians in US is launched

The following is a press release on the launch of 'Pan Desi' a new television network

NEW YORK, NY– March 22, 2008 – Pan Desi, an English-language television network was officially launched today on Colours TV. Targeted at South Asians living in America the network is the first to be available to over 50 million people everyday during prime time.The new network will capture the American Desi experience by uniquely targeting key Desi demographics and age groups. Pan Desi programming will be aired daily on CoLours TV at the Prime Time of 9PM (8 Central).

CoLours TV is a pioneer in multicultural television and is carried as a basic channel to Dish network subscribers, is a digital basic channel on many cable systems and also free, over-the-air in some Metros

Pan Desi is led by an award winning, key senior management and advisory board representing over 100 years of experience at such top concerns as NBC, CBS and American Express. Additionally, key executives at Pan Desi are beneficiaries of lessons learned from “American Desi”, the unsuccessful first such venture in 2005.“It is a perfect time for this important segment of the population to have its own television content that will stand as a virtual meeting place in which to keep touch with Desi culture and share it with others. We are extremely proud to be the first to create a daily Prime Time television marketplace reaching over 50 million people to unite the Desi community and to position ourselves with CoLours TV, a leader in reaching and influencing the multicultural consumer.” said Vimal Verma, Chairman and CEO of Pan Desi.

“As Desi people we are well aware of our roots, but we are also aware that our lives are intertwined with the American culture, making it vitally important for our programming to be in English, panning the American Desi experience.”Catering to specific aspects of the Desi lifestyle and to key demographics, Pan Desi’s programming schedule exhibits the high production and editorial values, and ranges from the inspirational to the tongue-in-cheek to the exciting.The new network offers a series of “firsts” for the American Desi community – American Desi-themed shows; animated children’s fare in English; a multi-generational lifestyle talk show for women; cutting-edge teen shows; a sports news and magazine show showcasing international and American sports; interview programs; a late-night American Desi comedy block; Desi and inter racial wedding themed shows with Bollywood and Hollywood rounding out the mix.

“In keeping with our commitment to offer best in class programming services that meet the needs of all of our discerning viewers, CoLours TV is very proud to become the new home of Pan Desi,” said Tracy Winchester, President/C.E.O of CoLours TV.

“It is a natural fit for CoLours TV to add Pan Desi everyday in prime time to our strong line-up, serving the English-language South Asians in America,” said Arthur O. Thomas, Executive Vice President of CoLours TV.The sponsor-supported Pan Desi network promises to be very attractive to marketers, as the Desi market is young and affluent according to the latest US Census data, which states that Desi households have median income 50% higher than for all US households.Beginning March 22, Pan Desi is available on CoLours TV during prime time (9 PM) every night (8 Central). For additional channel information or to learn more about CoLours TV please visit

Desi States of America: A lively, fast-paced news round up designed to meet the needs of the busy American Desi community. Pan Desi’s winning team is working around the clock to give American Desis compelling information and insight they need to give them an edge, live, everyday.

The Best Half: One thing is clear; American Desi women have a lot on their mind. The Best Half welcomes different generations of Desi women to share a cup of Chai and lively conversation about arranged marriages, romance in the workplace to anything and everything that’s on your mind.

It's My Life Yo Wait ‘til I am 18! It’s a common phrase heard by Desi teens trying to navigate their own paths. It’s My Life Yo is the only television destination where Desi teens get to take over the airwaves to explore life on their terms.

DesiALaMode: DesiALaMode brings you the best in movies, songs and entertainment news from box office blockbusters to timeless classics from Bollywood to Hollywood. We’ve got the movie reports, the DVD features and the latest to give you your Entertainment Fix.

Huts & Toys…: Making It Happen We sit down with people making it happen and appreciate the fruit of their labor, their ‘huts’ and ‘toys’.

PrimeTime: Primetime is your time to take over the airwaves for our celebration of the American Desi experience. From live interviews with the biggest stars, candid conversations with the movers and shakers, to great debates on the topics important to American Desi’s, it’s on PrimeTime.

What’s on your mind is what’s on our air- including topics relevant to the Desi community that the mainstream media completely misses.

Sports Insight: We bring you the best in cricket and the American pro sports, be they hardball, hoops or the gridiron. Sports are a passionate part of the American Desi experience!

Late Night Comedy: An irreverent end to the day … from the freshest Comics, hottest social scenes to conversations about the subjects that might make you blush, Late Night Raw will tackle the subjects Desis are whispering about. From Sex and Drugs to all Lifestyles, nothing is out of bounds.

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About CoLours TV: CoLours TV is America’s only national satellite and cable network delivering programs that target an urban audience which is multicultural, sophisticated and tech savvy. We have a social concious and offer a unique and cross-cultural programming mix that reflects our viewer’s perspective on living and entertainment.
CoLours TV delivers programming 24/7 to over 17 million TV households. For more information, visit

About Pan Desi: Pan Desi is a privately-held, New Jersey-based company that owns and operates the only English language television network for South Asians in America. Programming from the Pan Desi Network is available nationwide to more than seventeen million households through an agreement with CoLours TV. The new TV network, which launched in 2008, uniquely targets the previously under-served audience of Americanized people of Indian, Pakistani and similar South Asian descent. Pan Desi's audience of South-Asian Americans represents the most affluent and one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the United States. The network offers programming for Desi families, women, men, teens and children. The network’s programming slate includes entertainment, movies, sports, magazine shows, late night comedy blocks and issues-based, interactive audience participation programs that make use of in-person, telephone and computer technologies. For more information on Pan Desi, please visit

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