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12 March, 2008

Nandigram martyrdom anniversary

The following is an appeal from National Alliance of People's Movements in connection with the observance of the first anniversary of the martyrs of Nandigram

We invite you to join the first Memorial event to pay tribute to the people of Nandigram who gave up their life while protecting their land, livelihoods and sovereignty and democracy of our country.

The struggle of Nadigram has created history. 14th March will go both in terms of ugly and inspiring way in the history of Nandigram struggle. Ugly because the blood-bath at Nandigram has been a gory face of state repression and the disturbing sign of the discontent, distress and threat to democracy created by the neo-liberal and land grab policy of the state. That too, in such an ideological régime, which is suppose to bring about socialism and protect the interest of common people. We all know the killing of innocent men, women and children who were protesting against the land grab in Nandigram on 14 th March 2007.
Inspiring because of the grit, determination and fighting spirit of the common people of Nandigram who became martyrs to protect Nandigram from destruction and displacement. Despite all the fear created, despite the missing persons list increasing in the area, despite facing bullets again and again people of Nadigram are still struggling with even more zeal to save their culture, livelihoods, life and environment apart posing a big challenge to the state terrorism and global corporate threat to the sovereignty.

Farmers, Dalits, Adivasi and women across India have been putting a brave front to oppose such development paradigm which is only leading to displacement, destruction, degradation and threatening vast rural, agricultural and forest communities. Many have given their lives for this cause not only in West Bengal but in other parts of India such as in Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand...

Let's join together to commemorate the first Shaheed Anniversary of Nandigram ON THE 14TH MARCH TILL 16 TH March 2008.
The Events:
14th March' 08: In Nandigram
· Inauguration of Shaheed Stambh (Tower of Martyrdom) in two places in Nandigram
· Maintaining 20.min Silence to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs
15th March' 08: In Kolkata:
· Dharna and maintaining 20 min silence
in Kolkata by Nandigram Manch which includes many people's movements, organizations and artist and intellectual forums.
16th March'08: In Kolkata:
· Rally in Kolkata
Looking forward to your participation…
Sincerely yours,
Pranab Baneerjee,

Debjit Bhai,

Mukta Srivastava

Murad Bhai,
Shaktiman Ghosh
NAPM-west Bengal, Nandigram Manch NAPM National Convenor

Contact : 09433624241 09433972662

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