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24 March, 2008

Hindi journal seeks news of people's movements

Mukta Srivastava <> has forwarded the following mail from Medha, Associate Editor, Samayik Varta:

I am writing this mail on behalf of Samayik Varta. Varta, as you might know, is a Hindi monthly founded by Kishan Patnaik Ji some thirty years ago. At present Yogendra Yadav is its editor.

Samayik Varta has been and dreams to be a platform of various people's movements of India. In order to be able to accommodate more struggling forces, Samayik Varta has recently reshaped itself.

Samayik Varta carries articles, analyses and reports on various issues and processes. Other than these regular things Varta does carry a section on 'Andolan Samachar' (News of People’s Movements). I am particularly requesting you to send small news reports of any civil disobedience / struggle / movement / people’s initiative of critical importance for this section. Just to mention a few, Varta has carried reports of various struggles ranging from SEZ, Posco, Niyamagiri, Nandigram, Chengara to Dow Chemical in recent months.

As far as possible Varta would prefer news that are contextualized and reflect a process to those which merely report about some event or personalities.

I request you to circulate or forward this mail to the relevant groups and activists. I also request you to add the address ( in your mailing list for movement related dispatch / press release / write-ups. We prefer reports in Hindi but this is not binding at all.

If Varta does not reach you please do write us for a complimentary copy. We also need your support in reaching out to our prospective readers.
With regards and best wishes,
Associate Editor
Samayik Varta
Phone 91-9910203639
fax 011-23981012 (attn: Samayik Varta)
FF6, Apana Apartment,203 - Savitri Nagar, New Delhi 110017

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