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17 September, 2009

Venezuela to host international meet of Left parties

Caracas, Venezuela, will play host to one of the most important international gatherings of left parties in years, when delegates from across the world meet for the First International Meeting of Left Parties from October 7 to 9.

The meeting has been called by President Hugo Chavez’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

The gathering was agreed upon at the Sao Paulo Forum (FSP) held in Mexico City from August 20 to 22. There, the PSUV delegation presented the proposal to organize an international meeting of left parties.

Some of the member parties are now in government in Latin America and are carrying out policies they once strongly denounced.

In August 2007, Chavez had said it was necessary to convene ``a meeting of left parties of Latin America and organize a type of international, an organization of parties and movements of the left in Latin American and the Caribbean”. He added that “there is a resurgence of the consciousness of the peoples; the movements, leaders and leaderships of this new left, of this new project, this need to continue to grow”.

There is a revival of socialist ideas that, at least in Venezuela, has become embodied in the actions of millions who are fighting to create “socialism of the 21st century”. Millions more people worldwide look to Venezuela as proof that revolutionary change is possible. The challenge is to see how this force can be organized, in each country and internationally, into a powerful force capable of defeating capitalism.

This write-up is based on an article by Federico Fuentes which appeared in the September 9, 2009 issue of Green Left Weekly nd can be seen at the Links website.

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