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21 September, 2009

Maoist model schools in Nepal

There are five Maoist schools in Nepal for the children of martyrs. These were set up this yea with funding from the Martyrs’ Association, a government-funded Maoist organization.

Members of the World People’s Resistance Movement (WPRM) from Britain and Ireland, who are now touring Nepal, recently visited the school at Jiri, which serves the central district of Nepal.

This school has three large two-storey buildings plus a washing block. There are 101 students here, all of whom had lost at least both parents as martyrs of the people’s war. There are seven teachers. The students range from the age of 6 to 17. More than 60% of the students are male.

The students learn maths, science, Nepali, English and a general course on Maoism, a fully Maoist curriculum that differs from that of government and private schools. They learn about Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Prachanda. They also learn about Che Guevara, particularly his sacrifice and revolutionary spirit to change the world. They also study the background of the people’s war, about capitalism and communism and the need for Cultural Revolutio, to destroy the old feudal culture and replace it with a new one. To a great extent they do this through the medium of art, music, dance and comedy.

The report prepared by the WPRM is available at its website.

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