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10 September, 2009

Tharoor has many followers, but finds few worth following

A website reported on Monday that Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor has become the first Indian celebrity with more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.

It said “his popularity on Twitter has been such that even Priyanka Chopra's followers’ count pales in comparison…”

At last count Tharoor had 123.825 followers and Priyanka Chopra 49,655.

The website quoted Tharoor as saying, "I just try to be myself and am glad
so many are interested." It went on to observe that “If Shashi Tharoor ever decides to become a prime ministerial candidate for India, he'd be doing what Barack Obama did on Twitter and maybe even better.”

While Tharoor is way ahead of Priyanka Chopra he has to go a long way to catch up with Obama, who, with 2,147,674 followers at last count, perhaps qualifies for the title of Mr. Twitter World.

While tens of thousands consider Tharoor and Priyanka worthy of following, they seem to have difficulty in finding people whom they can follow. Tharoor has so far found only seven persons worth following. Two of them are his sons, Ishaan and Kanishk, and two others are fellow Congressmen, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna and K. Sudhakaran, Kannur MP. Priyanka Chopra follows a score of people, including Barack Obama and Maria Carey.

Look at Obama’s figures: 2,147,674 followers; following 758,533.

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