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25 May, 2009

Supreme Court grants Binayak Sen bail at last!

Sukla Sen (<>) writes:

Dr. Binayak Sen has been granted bail, after long two years. That's a major victory for the human rights movement in India.

But the (false and fabricated) case is still on. The case is an "index case", as so very brilliantly put by Binayak himself. It clearly shows up how draconian laws are can be and are actually misused. And how stupendously difficult it would be for a lesser being!

And even Dr. Binayak Sen, with 22 Nobel laureates appealing, national and international medical community protesting, foreign governments making queries, retired Supreme Court judge appealing, it took two long years just to obtain a simple bail, which as per the Supreme Court directive should be norm, not an exception.

This again shows up the the huge irrational arbitrary powers that the "state" is invested with to crush an ordinary citizen, and a dissenting voice, in particular. This small but significant victory must reenergise the human rights movement in India.

We must mobilise ourselves to firmly demand that the Central government must immediately initiate action to create a legal framework to subscribe to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in toto. While individual cases and struggles are important, this must constitute the central thrust. There is no other go.


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