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13 May, 2009

Pro-LTTE website asks US to send fleet

TamilNet, the pro-LTTE website, says the US should think of ‘gunboat diplomacy’.

A feature, which the website published last week, quotes TamilNet’s unnamed political commentator in Colombo as saying, “ It is the last chance for US to strike a political balance in the island if it is really keen in seeing meaningful ‘post-conflict’ process”.

According to the commentator, neither the present Indian Establishment, which by its role played as a war partner irredeemably lost its positive leverage on the affairs of the island, nor the UN bogged down with Security Council deliberations may able to act swiftly to respond to the emergency. Colombo is on one hand aiming at creating a political and military vacuum for Tamils and on the other hand is aiming at the incarceration of all Tamils either in internment camps or in open prisons. The balance disturbed by US has to be set right by US itself by a timely action such as sending the fleet without waiting for political changes in India.

A time bomb is ticking not only for the entire region but also for the international credibility and future interests of the US in the region unless the US exercises its might with the Colombo regime to create an atmosphere of balance for a political engagement of the LTTE and Colombo, the commentator further said.

TamilNet also quoted Kanagalingam, president of the Vanni People Welfare Organization as saying the people would be the happiest if the US intervenes.

See TamilNet feature “US should think of ‘gunboat diplomacy’.”

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