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25 November, 2008

Yemeni woman filmmaker's "Amina"

The picture shows Khadija Al-Salami (left), Yemen’s first woman filmmaker, with Amina al-Tuhaif, about whom she has made a film. Amina has been in jail for 10 years awaiting execution.

The film “Amina” was screened at an Arab film festival held in San Francisco recently

At age 11, Amina was united in an arranged marriage to a man many years her senior, and at 14 she was sentenced to death when a court found her guilty of murdering her husband. Amina strongly argued her innocence throughout the process, insisting that her husband had been strangled by a cousin over a land dispute.

Khadija talks about Amina in an interview with New America Media.

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Anonymous said...

as usual Bhaskar loves anything from the arab/vatican counties. he forgets his ancestry or his indianness! typical pseudo-intellectual!