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14 November, 2008

Indian Christians- A community In turmoil

Steven L. D’ Souza, a 46-year-old voluntarily retired Indian civil servant and member of various peace keeping initiatives, makes an agonizing appraisal of the situation of the Indian Christians in a long article, distributed by

The article is in three parts -- a brief introduction to the Indian Christian community in a wide historical context, an accounnt of the recent attacks on Christians in Orissa and several BJP-ruled States and analysis of the legal issues in the light of Supreme Court decisions.

The article, titled "Indian Christians -- a community in turmoil" can be accessed here.

1 comment:

Name is Babu said...

Hahahahaha...Mr BRP, I just happened to see this site. But in one glace it's very clear how much biased the articles are.It is a joke to say that the Indian christians are in turmoil. They are the most properous (thru dubious means, of course) look at kerala's hills. who destroyed it. Still they complain and lie a lot. Didnt they kill numerous nuns and what do you have to say about that. You are free to say all kinds of non-sense, but at least try to verify facts and do a proper analyzis.