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05 November, 2008

Barack Obama elected first non-white President of USA

Barack Obama’s assumption of office as the 44th President of the United States is weeks away, but change is there already. A non-white is on his way to the White House for the first time in its history.
At one time, it was believed that one had to be not just white but Anglo-Saxon and Protestant to be the President of the US. John F. Kennedy demolished that belief 44 years ago. Now Barack Obama has shown that one does not have to be Anglo-Saxon or even white to claim that high office.

This is a tribute as much to his personal appeal as to the American national character.

Obama wrought a miracle with his slogan: CHANGE. There is nothing new or extraordinary about the slogan. In all democratic societies, contenders for office, particularly those challenging incumbents, have raised this slogan. But few candidates anywhere have been able to put it across to the public with such conviction as he did.

How much change can we really expect from the Obama administration? While he may be sincere, he has to work with a system which does not easily accept change. Those who have made change possible are those who have persevered. Barack Obama has shown that he is willing to persevere.

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Dr. Nisha Bala Tyagi said...

I think India needs a leader like Obama,a leader who would stand for equality, justice and peace.