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16 August, 2008

A Revolutionary Communist Party in the belly of US imperialism

RCP Publications, USA, has announced the publication of the new Constitution of the RCP, USA—one that lays out the mission and vision of a new stage of communist revolution, informed by Bob Avakian’s new synthesis of communist theory.

It says: “The constitution puts forward this vision in a very accessible way, as well as laying out the principles of organization and the theoretical foundation of the Party. This includes an important appendix on communist theory as a scientific and revolutionary theory.

“This constitution serves as a bold declaration that there is indeed a party, in the belly of the imperialist U.S., with the determination and strategic analysis to make a revolution. . . and the vision, method and understanding of society and history to ensure that it is a revolution worth making.”

Click here to read the Constitution

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Speaking for the revolutionary communist youth in the US, this is a really exciting moment. Your comments on the new constitution are most welcome. If you're in the US, come to the Democratic National Convention next week, get out the constitution, and declare to the world that the choice is not McCain or Obama, it's the killing confines of bourgeois democracy or mass independent historical action. It's time to make the world a place fit for human beings. "Fight the power, transform the people, for REVOLUTION!"