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05 August, 2008

Ajay TG granted bail

Ajay TG, film-maker, arrested in Chhattisgarh on trumped-up charges, has at last been granted bail.
Here is a report from Kavita Srivastava, Secretary, PUCL, Rajasthan, who has been tracking Ajay’s case:

So there is good news for all of us. Ajay TG was granted bail today (August 4). However, the release will happen tomorrow.
Chandra Kumar Kashyap, Judicial Magistrate First Class, Durg District, granted bail to Ajay today, the 4th of August, around five pm. The bail was granted under sec 167 (2) (a) (i), which is called statutory bail in local parlance. Since the ninety days had expired and the police had not furnished the charge sheet thus the magistrate who was authorising the detention had to grant him bail.

During the remand hearing on 2nd of August morning the police took further remand till the 12th . The bail had been applied for on 2nd evening itself at 4.45 pm as the ninety days period was over at 5 pm. Since the court asked for the case diary, it was slated for Monday morning. Today Ajay's two friends Dilip Ingley and Bose Thomas were there when the matter got listed and the order was reserved for the evening when they were joined by Ajay 's lawyer Mahendra Dubey and Advocate Sudha Bharadwaj. The order after stating why bail was being granted also stated the conditions under which he would be released. They are
Ajay will furnish a personal bond of Rs. 50,000.
Two sureties of Rs. 25,000 each.
On affidavit, he will give a list of the movable and immovable property he has.
Every 2nd Monday of the month he will give his attendance in the local police station.
He will not move out of the country without the permission of the Court.

While the two sureties (condition 2) were prepared in advance, it was condition (3) which has caused the delay in the release. The Court has asked the lawyers of Ajay to take the notary public to the jail tomorrow morning and get the list of property signed and notarized after which he will be released.

We hope this is the beginning of good news for Ajay TG. Will keep all of you informed of the developments.

Kavita Srivastava

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