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12 March, 2009

On minority media in the US

Tim Giago, a Native American publisher, is launching a new newspaper. Writing in his Riznet blog, he says, “I think what is needed in Indian country is a good Indian newspaper.”

You won't find us on the Internet, says Giago. The reason: So many of my Indian readers do not have computers or do not even have access to them.

Reznet is a Native American news, information and entertainment website that also trains and mentors American Indian college students around the country as they prepare for journalism careers.

A project of The University of Montana School of Journalism, Reznet, now in its seventh year, is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the McCormick Foundation and the Gannett Foundation.

The training and mentoring program is aimed at producing more Native American professional journalists.

Tim Giago’s blog post can be read here.

Cristina Fernandez-Pereda, in a report distributed by New America Media, says the Obama administration has been maintaining an ‘open door’ policy with a few ethnic media outlets, and raises the question whether enough is being done.

Over to Cristina Fernandez-Pereda’s report “White House Welcomes Ethnic Press: Is it enough?

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