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13 March, 2009

Focus on deteriorating global environment

Countercurrents circulated today three pieces, published by leading newspapers, which draw attention to the deteriorating global environment.

Brief write-ups on the stories and links to them are provided below:

Global Warming Even Worse Than Previously Thought

By Michael McCarthy

Lord Stern, the economist who produced the single most influential political document on climate change, says he underestimated the risks of global warming and the damage that could result from it. The situation was worse than he had thought when he completed his review two-and-a-half years ago, he told a conference yesterday, but politicians do not yet grasp the scale of the dangers now becoming apparent

Severe Global warming Will Render Half Of
World's Inhabited Areas Unlivable

By David Adam

Severe global warming could make half the world's inhabited areas literally too hot to live in, a US scientist warned today. Parts of China, India and the eastern US could all become too warm in summer for people to lose heat by sweating - rendering such areas effectively uninhabitable

UN Warns Of Widespread Water Shortages

By Martin Mittelstaedt

The world faces a bleak future over its dwindling water supplies, with pollution, climate change and rapidly growing populations raising the possibility of widespread shortages, a new report compiled by 24 agencies of the United Nations says

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