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14 February, 2009

The Tower Of Babel of the European Left

While the European Right in power gloats, today's Left reality is indeed sad, says Gaither Stewart, Contributing Editor for Cyrano's Journal/tantmieux.

Disarray reigns in almost every party of the Left in European and in the American Left and in Socialist, Social Democrat and Communist movements. There is disarray also with regard to the Left idea. There are too many ambitious leaders in some places, and too few in others. Anarchists deny the need for leadership at all.

Stewart’s article, distributed by, can be accessed here.

Gaither Stewart, who is a novelist and journalist based in Italy, is now on a three-month stay in Paris . His stories, essays and dispatches are read widely on the Internet. His recent novel, Asheville, has been published by Wastelandrunes, (

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