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02 February, 2009

In Kerala, leftists, church attack CBI's movie-gilded image


Kerala's largest political organization, the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), and best organized religious establishment, the Catholic Church, are venting their spleen on the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). At stake is the agency's image, which, in Kerala, has been gilded by a series of Malayalam movies.

The two powerful institutions trained their guns on the nation's premier investigating agency after it named persons high up in their hierarchy on criminal charges.

1 comment:

Murali K Menon said...

CBI should investigate other partys' offence, crime in the country. but not against CPI (M). For that the party have Politbureau Investigation Team.....According to Party Decision, other investigations are not acceptable. All party members know about it. Poor public is not aware! Other parties are lying...!!! So CPI (M) decided to start clarification through meghala reporting (double lie!!!). The party decided to handle it politically.....instead of legally..!! Alas!! Anyone who knows that they will never win legally, then goondaism is the alternative remedy and educated illiterats are not less in number in Kerala.

PS: The tax payers of the country should handle the party wisely in the next election.