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29 September, 2008

More on Terror and Terrorists

Some Bombs Get Defused
By Smita Gupta

Just who is a terrorist? Definitions change when it comes to the Hindutva extreme

Delhi 'Encounter' Raises Tough Questions
By Praful Bidwai

It’s a matter of shame that India’s anti-terrorist police cells haven’t managed to rise above the suspicion that they prefer brutal and even barbaric methods over due process of law. Unless their anti- terrorist strategies and operations undergo radical reform, the minorities whom they selectively target will never feel secure or part of the national community as full citizens.

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Anonymous said...

Praful Bidwai is a well known anti-national sponsored by Saudis. who cares about what he writes. These Prafooools maybe dreaming of a communit dictatorship in this country just like the hitler Pinarai.
Shame, BRP sir for supporting these anti-nationals