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26 September, 2008

The media under the scanner has circulated two articles on the media’s handling of the alleged encounter killings in Nw Delhi.

Finally it has happened: the main stream media in India has for the first time come out with something other than the 'official version' of the encounter killings that have taken place in the country, says L. George.

See “The Mainstream Media Questions Delhi Encounter Killings” by L. George

Monday, September 22 was an extraordinary day in the annals the Indian media, says Sadanand Menon. “I would like to call it a day of shame. For, on that day, our media collectively displayed its herd-like mentality and its entirely uncritical attitude to the use – and misuse – of the photographs it publishes”.

See ‘Media Manipulation By Police To Create A Distinct Communalized Imagery” by Sadanand Menon


Anonymous said...

Countercurrents is a site maintained by marxist terrorists. Why support these militants, sir. It seems like modern hitlers like Pinarai vijayans are sponsoring you? Dont get hurt, but that's the impression you are giving us.
Ok when terrorists are killed, you say it's fake! Great. Do you ever care for the family of the police who was killed?? Oh he was not from a 'minority' community. So he should be ignored!!! Isnt it the chinese-mao-pinarayi mentality to cry like a frog in the well?? Stand for truth sir, instead of being part of numerous anti-national 'human rights'front!! Even drededed terrorist front NDF has their own 'human rights' front. Do you media men have some love for your nation?

Keep writing, but stand with truth. If you go away from facts and start supporting naxalites, terrorists, then public needs to expose the hidden agenda of the leftist media. Sorry to see that all your posts seem to support real terrorists in Delhi and also the christian militia. sorry sir.

B.R.P.Bhaskar said...

Jairam (Anonymous), if you are able to get rid of the frothing poison, you may be able to see things in a better light.

Anonymous said...


I am just asking you to chcek facts and have some feelings for the families of those who lost lives instead of supporting the terrorists. If t'rrow Mahdani & co or SIMI terrorists target you family , will you keep supporting these countercurrent authors who will support the terrorists who attack your family??
So if wha I am asking you is poisonous, then what you're writing ..i donno how to describe.

I have also responded to your earlier post regarding veda & sabarimala joke. hope you will reply on that too

Thanks in advance. Beleiev in facts before supporting Jamia/SIMI terrorists. We are ashamed of sel-acclaimed secular mediamen who think by aligning with terrorists, they will be progressive. damn. Maybe hitlers like Pinarayi thinks so. But how can you, sir.

And who is sponsoring this countercurrents website? Is it ISI or some other chinese mafia?

Jairam (anonymous)

B.R.P.Bhaskar said...

Jairam (Anonymous), your altruistic pretensions about "feelings for the families of those who lost lives" stand exposed by the fact that you are only concerned about those targeted by "Mahdani & Co and SIMI terrorists" and not those targeted by Modi & Co, and Bajrang Dal terrorists.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I described about your one-eyed vision or a biased approach, call me anything. I dont care. But you as a responsible citizen, need to show equality to all. But your love for real terrorists bred in Jamia university or the communist terrorists bred by AKG to organize bloodbath in kannur - is really pathetic. Please dont divert the topic too. I asked you why you are so concerned by the plight of terrorists who are working against our country and you marxist mediamen never ever stand for our country's army-men or police who fight terrorism daily. Why?
Ok - thanks to your marxist friends and fraud journalists and politicians , more people r ketting killed today also. Shame, sir , shame. and still you r posting articles supporting terror!!


B.R.P.Bhaskar said...

Jairam (Anonymous), I am not going to let you or anyone else set my agenda. I decide it myself.

Anonymous said...

mR brp bhaskar,

you can have your own agenda and pathra-adharma, which is supporting terror and terrorism supporting articles. All your articles posted here are complete garbage written with help of amti-nationals who are good at twisting facts and porpogating lies.
When a saint is killed, you guys are silent. When a fascist group issues abusing literature, we should be tolerant. There is also a limit tolerance. Read the articles by Gandhiji or Sree narayana guru and grow up, sir. They were all against conversion terrorism. Hope you realize the facts soon. You people will also kill Narayana gurus if he lived today, saying he wears saffron so he could be killed. Such idiots are Pinarai/missionary people and you are supporting these cremis.

I respect you, and your age but to be honest your articles and your ideology is propogating lies with an hidden agenda of hatred.

Go on lying ...and share the loot of SNC lavlin and conversion money from west and Saudi dinars from Mahdani &co.

BTW who attacked the churches in Kerala? who ? read kaumudi and tell me before vomiting garbage. sorry. Alias or Powathil?
I respect you , but your ideology stinks and it is venomous.

- same anonymous.