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16 May, 2008

Two commentaries on Democratic presidential aspirants

As Hillary Clinton promises West Virginians that she will be their key to economic upturn after her seemingly meaningless win, New America Media commentator Russell Morse wonders if she is trying to be a "spoiler," a la Ralph Nader.

See article “Is Hillary Clinton Pulling a Ralph Nader?

The recent New York Times op-ed claiming that Muslims view Barack Obama's conversion to Islam as 'apostasy' has no basis in the Arab media, according to Jalal Ghazi and Souheila Al-Jadda, associate producers of "Mosaic: World News from the Middle East" on Link TV. In fact, they argue, Obama has received more favourable coverage in the Arab media than in the American press.

See article “Obama is No Apostate – Arab Media, Islamic Scholars agree

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