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14 May, 2008

Pakistani lawyer accepts AHRC’s Human Rights Defender Award

John J. Clancey, Muneer Malik and (picture) Aitaz Ahsan

Pakistani lawyer Muneer Malik received from the Asian Human Rights Commission an award at a ceremony held at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club, Hong Kong, accotding to an AHRC [ress release.

Muneer Malik accepted the Human Rights Defender Award on behalf of himself and his colleague, Aitaz Ahsan.

John J. Clancey, Chairperson of the AHRC, who made the presentation speech detailed the contribution of the lawyer’s movement of Pakistan to the cause of the rule of the law and the independence of the judiciary. He highlighted the importance of this movement and the courageous role played by about 3,000 lawyers who faced detention and the 60 judges who were dismissed from their positions. He also highlighted the important role played by the leading lawyers such as the two gentlemen who were honoured on this occasion who lead a whole generation of younger lawyers that went into the streets to defend the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.

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