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10 January, 2008

Three perspectives on US presidential election

New American Media has three interesting pieces on the US presidential election. One discusses the likely impact of mcCain's New Hampshire victory on Latini voter, another the extent to which youth votes influenced the New Hampshire outcome and the third warns against writing off the Republicans too early.

Here are the links:

McCain Win Puts Latino Vote Back In Play New America Media, Commentary, Roberto Lovato, Jan 09, 2008
As a GOP candidate whose name has been closely tied to immigration reform in the past two years, Arizona Senator John McCain could have a chance of swaying the ever-fluid Latino vote away from the Democrats. More »

Youth Alone Can’t Take It New America Media, Commentary, Russell Morse, Jan 09, 2008
The results of the New Hampshire primary proved that the 2008 presidential election can't be pegged on the youth vote, or "hope and change," or Christian evangelicals -- and that's what makes it so exciting. More »

Don’t Dismiss Republicans Too Quickly New America Media, News Analysis, Earl Ofari Hutchinson , Jan 09, 2008
While New Hampshire shows that the Democrats' race for a candidate is still largely undecided, a look at the past few elections informs us not to dismiss the Republicans. More »

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