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05 January, 2008

Asian Americans and the US presidential poll

South Asian American volunteers played an active and important role in canvassing and get-out-the-vote efforts that led to Senator Barack Obama's (D-IL) decisive and historic victory in last night's Democratic presidential caucus in Iowa, according to South Asians for Obama.

The record turnout of over 230,000 people in the Democratic caucus included many first-time caucus-goers from the South Asian American community, SAO said in a release.

The text of the release is available at

It is, of course, not as if all South Asians are behind any one candidate. They are dvided between Demorats and Republicans. And they have their favourites among the contenders in the rival parties.

Here are the links to the groups backing the Democratic Party aspirants:
South Asians for Hillary
South Asians For Obama
Asian Americans for John Edwards

The South Asian Journalists Forum is keeping track of developments, keeping in view the South Asian interest. Visit

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