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29 April, 2015

On Veena Vidwan S. Balachander

                S. Balachander

One of the rewards of journalism is the opportunity it provides to meet interesting people.

Renowned Veena vidwan S. Balachander (1927-1990), whose acquaintance I made during my stint as a journalist in Chennai, was a very colourful personality who exuded much warmth.. He wrote very artistically. His signature was unique: it looked like a drawing of his favourite instrument, the Veena.

The Indian Fine Arts Society awarded him the title of Sangeetha Kalasikhamani during its golden jubilee celebrations. He sent me a personal, handwritten invitation to the function. 

Unfortunately I was preoccupied on that day and I wrote to him regretting my inability to attend the function. He wrote back thanking me for the letter.

Balachander is no more. But his music lives on. Now listen to the Maestro. Happy Listening! 

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