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03 July, 2014

Greenpeace India seeks support to protect environment and people's health

The following is a communication from Ms Divya Raghunandan of Greenpeace India:
The recently leaked Intelligence Bureau (IB) report and the government’s attack against civil society accuse Greenpeace of being anti-development [1]. You might ask who this report benefits. Does it speak for the 50,000 villagers who will be displaced by Essar’s proposed coal mine? Does it speak for every Indian who does not want genetically modified food on their plate? Does it speak for the forests - our national wealth that we are losing? Does it speak for the wildlife habitats that are being destroyed?

You can ensure that the environment has a voice! Donate to Greenpeace!
I am confident that Greenpeace does important work. It was our working together with various civil society groups that helped bring about a strong nuclear liability bill, ensuring insurance for people in case of a nuclear disaster and making sure we don’t have another Bhopal. We also worked with companies like Dell, HCL and Wipro and government agencies to formulate the e-waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011 tackling a major e-waste disposal problem with the growing IT industry. It is individual donations from people like you that help us continue to do what we do.

Donate to Greenpeace and help save India’s pristine environment!
The freedom to speak out against threats to the environment and dangers to the health of the people of this country is a fundamental right. It is these freedoms that are under attack now. We need your support now more than ever. Since we do not accept money from governments or corporations, it is individual supporters like you that ensure our independence as an organisation. Let’s do this!


Divya Raghunandan, Greenpeace India

  1. “National Security” for Whom? How the Intelligence Bureau Functions, Economic & Political Weekly, June 21, 2014

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