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20 March, 2012

Police prepare for crackdown on Kudankulam protestors

Preparations are afoot to unleash brutal force against the villagers of Tamil Nadu who have been engaged in a peaceful protest against the Kudankulam nuclear plant for several months.

The police has reportedly asked media persons to leave the scene of action.

In a message to the Human Rights Group ( sent at 2 a.m. Envirovivek ( says:

“Kudankulam was encircled by more than 10,000 police, rapid action force. Each village is also encircled by police force.

“We need to alert each and everyone across the nation. People outside Tamil Nadu spread the news. Join hands to protect the people and protest...

“Fear of life loss prevails as the Police tightens security and arrests the protestors, At one point there will be a violence break out protestors being stubborn to fight the situation. Very sad.

“We need urgent support from national and international human rights organization and journalist organizations as Police warned media to leave the place of the protesters immediately.”

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