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24 January, 2012

Al Jazeera report on Monsanto's biopiracy in India

Leo Saldanha of Environment Support Group writes:

If you missed watching Al Jazeera's The Stream special on Monsanto's biopiracy in India while advancing Bt Brinjal, and its implications, you can catch it on You Tube: (It is about 45 mins long). The programme covers many diverse issues, in addition to biopiracy.

The programme was hosted by Derrick Ashong, musician and social entrepreneur (@ashong,; and Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Al Jazeera journalist and producer (@ASE,

Leo Saldanha of Environment Support Group and Glen Stone, Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology and Environmental Studies at Washington University in St. Louis participated as discussants.

More details about ESG's expose of Monsanto's biopiracy in India can be accessed at

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