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07 September, 2011

AHRC condemns Delhi blast

The Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong, says in a press statement:

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the irresponsible and criminal act of exploding a bomb near gate number five of the Delhi High Court. It is reported that the explosion occurred around 10.30 today morning. At least nine persons are feared to have lost their lives and an estimated 24 persons injured at the time of releasing this statement. The injured has been reportedly taken to nearby hospitals for medical treatment.

Given that the explosion has occurred near one of the crowded entrances of the High Court compound, it has to be assumed that the criminal intent of the entities behind the explosion is to strike fear at the heart of the country's justice institutions and to prevent the people from accessing it. That the incident has happened within the national capital, that too just outside the High Court, must not be reason for ill-founded and freewheeling speculations. The media reporting live from the scene of crime should express adequate caution, not to make speculative and emotion-driven assumptions and should operate professionally, respecting also the privacy of the unfortunate individuals injured in the incident.

In challenging times like this it would take extra efforts by the country's leadership and the administration to function in unison to fight the evil that has befallen upon this great nation. The AHRC is confident that the country's leadership and its administration are capable of working with the professionalism fitting a democracy. The AHRC is certain that the country's leadership and the political parties would ensure that the minorities in India would not be made to face antagonistic emotional outpours and misplaced nationalistic sentiments that may stem out of this event.

The AHRC wishes to express its deep condemnation against this cowardly and gruesome act and those who are responsible for it. The AHRC hope that the country will recover from the shock and joins the bereaved families who have lost their relatives today in the explosion. The AHRC wishes all those who are injured a fast recovery and calls upon Indians to cooperate with their government in the investigation of the case.

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