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17 March, 2011

AHRC's new website

The following is a communication from the Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong:

Dear Friends,

Following the introduction a few months ago of the new website of the Asian Human Rights Commission we wish to inform you that the AHRC will discontinue its old website at with effect from today. We invite all friends, partners, activists and interested persons to visit the AHRC's new website at

The new online portal about the human rights situation in Asian countries features search specific RSS feeds, improved content integration, a live search and the AHRCs' new podcasts together with many other new features. A complete review of the page's design, content structure and facilities makes information and contents more easily accessible and the site one of the most resourceful places about human rights in Asia in the internet with updates and new cases every few hours.

What this change means for visitors:
• You will find all past and future updates about the human rights situation in Asia on
• Visitors to the old site be automatically redirected to
• The old site will not be updated and no content additions will be made there
• You will be able to find your content much faster with the search box in
• You can follow us via news feeds on the themes and countries you are interested in
• Other websites under subdomains of will still be available under their old address such as
• You can follow AHRC on twitter and facebook at and

For any feedback and questions about, please contact us at and Select Department: Webmaster in the form. We will add more features in the coming months to the site.

Please subscribe to our weekly digest newsletter, which summarises all of the human rights news from the AHRC of the last 7 days in one convenient email. To subscribe click here and select Weekly Digest.

The website of the Asian Legal Resource Centre, the sister organisation of the AHRC remains available at

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