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04 January, 2011

Physicians for Human Rights - India launched on Binayak Sen’s birthday

Today, on the 61st birthday of Dr Binayak Sen, a group of physicians, health activists and human right defenders came together to form Physician for Human Rights-India.

This independent and non political organization will work on the principles of human rights, medical ethics and social justice.

Physicians for Human Rights is a worldwide organization established in 1981 with a solid foundation of over two decades of investigation, advocacy and accomplishment. It has campaigned vigorously for the human rights of health care workers in various countries and has been in the forefront of the International campain for justice for Binayak. In fact, its founder, Jonathan Fine, has been in India closely following the case and was present at Binayak’s trial.

PHR India offered the position of Honorary Chairman of the body to Dr.Binayak Sen who “ has given his life to these principles and to serve the poorest among us”.

It said:

Without neglecting others equally worthy, we will work tirelessly for his release from prison and complete exoneration of unjust accusations. His prompt return to the fight for human rights, civil liberties and service of India's masses is essential for the sake of our nation. We strongly communicate our dismay and call for the dropping of charges , recognition of his exceptional contribution to Health & Human rights, his sacrifices and his deep commitment and rare integrity, his proclaimed consistent support of Non-Violence .It was for the above human values reflected in his life and work that he was awarded for being a role model for Medical students by the Christian Medical College, Vellore, his alma mater, the .R.R Keithan award for demonstrating the values of the Father of the Nation and the Johnathan Mann award for his work with the tribals .

Physicians for Human Rights - India will mobilize health professionals to advance health, dignity and justice, and to promote the right to health for all. Harnessing the specialized skills, rigor, and passion of doctors, nurses, public health specialists and scientists, PHR India will investigate human rights abuses and will work towards stopping them . We believe that human rights are essential preconditions for the health and well-being of all people. PHR India will educate health professionals and medical, public health, and nursing students and organize them to become active in supporting a movement for human rights and creating a culture of human rights in the medical and scientific professions.

Physicians for Human Rights - India will join with physicians and health professionals similarly organized in other countries to add our voices in support of persecuted fellow health professionals in all countries. We will speak out against torture, physical and psychological abuse, and all forms of repression harmful to the public health. We will work tirelessly to bring our medical skills to the struggle for the attainment of human rights for all people. We pledge to uphold the finest traditions of the medical and allied health professions to investigate and report objectively on all findings of abuses in contravention to the constitution of India, the United Nations Covenants on Social, Political and Economic Rights and the Geneva Conventions and Protocols.


1. Dr Amte Bharati , Maharogi Seva Samiti, Anandwan, Warora, Maharashtra

2. Dr. Amte Sheetal , Maharogi Seva Samiti, Anandwan, Warora, Maharashtra

3. Dr. Amte Vikas , Maharogi Seva Samiti, Anandwan, Warora, Maharashtra

4. Dr Anand R K, Paediatrician, Mumbai

5. Dr Bal Arun, Surgeon, Mumbai

6. Bali- Mahabal Kamayani, , Health and Human Rights Activist, Mumbai

7. Dr Bhojraj Shekhar , Orthodepic Surgeon, Mumbai

8. Dr Chatterjee Garga , Researcher and Physician Kolkata

9. Datta, Saurav , Law Teacher and Human Rights Activist, Mumbai

10. Duggal Ravi, Health Activist, Mumbai

11. Dr.Gangolli Leena V Public Health Physician, Mumbai

12. Dr Gupte Manisha , Feminist and Health rights activist, Pune

13. E Pinto, Premdas Health Activist, Bangalore

14. Dr Gaitonde, Rakhal Community Health Researcher, Bangalore

15. Jesani Amar , Health Activist, Mumbai

16. Dr Kalantri, S P Physician, Wardha

17. Dr Karmarkar Santosh ,Paediatric surgeon Mumbai

18. Dr Korde Vivek Family Physician, Mumbai

19. Dr Lokhandwala, Yash Cardiologist, Mumbai

20. Dr Morparia Hemant Radiologist, Mumbai

21. Dr Nagral Sanjay GI surgeon ,Mumbai

22. Dr Naik Deven, Family Physician, Mumbai

23. Nohira Sathyashree , Health Activist, Bangalore

24. Dr Pai Sanjay , Pathologist, Bangalore

25. Dr Pandya Sunil, Neurosurgeon, Mumbai

26. Dr Roy Nobojit , Surgeon, Mumbai

27. Dr Shiva Mira , Public Health Physician ,Delhi

28. Dr Singh S P , Gastroenterologist, Cuttack

29. Dr Thomas George , Orthopaedic surgeon, Chennai

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