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09 June, 2010

Anti-whaling campaigners face jail threat

Areeba Hamid, Online Campaigner, Greenpeace India, writes:

The longest jail term for any Greenpeace activist in the organization’s forty-year history, a year and six months, was demanded in a Japanese court on June 8, World Oceans Day.

Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, known as the Tokyo Two are now awaiting the court’s verdict.

Their crime: standing up in defence of the whales and the planet, and exposing large-scale theft and embezzlement within the Japanese whaling programme. Speaking up for our fragile earth can pose serious risks.

The whales and the right to fight for them are at stake. We need to get all governments, especially the Japanese government, to do justice to both.

Can you write to the Japanese Foreign Minister telling him to prosecute the real whaling criminals and defend our right to save our planet?.

Whaling should go on trial, not those who try to stop it. By writing to the Japanese foreign minister you can show him that support for the Tokyo Two cuts across borders.

Taking action to defend the whales also means taking action to defend the right to fight for the whales - exactly what the two activists did.

Write to the Japanese minster to get justice for the whales:

Thanks a billion!


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