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20 April, 2010

Stopping entry of genetically modified food

Jai Krishna, Sustainable Agriculture Campaigner, Greenpeace India, writes:

Do you remember the terrible genetic modification bill proposed by Science and Technology Minister Prithviraj Chavan? While the media seems to have forgotten this bill, we have not.

The proposed Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill is an attempt to ease the entry of genetically modified food into India and appease foreign biotech corporations.

Chavan is serving foreign corporations, not the people of India. To draw attention to Chavan's intentions, Greenpeace volunteers are demanding a citizen's arrest of the minister as we write.

Can you make sure Minister Chavan hears from us all? Click here to send an email:

Earlier, Chavan wrote a letter to the former health minister copied word for word from reports funded by biotechnology companies. Now he has been pushing for the BRAI bill, which will approve GM foods to enter India without any checks, trampling the rights of elected representatives and forcing GM foods on all of us.

In a recent consumer poll 89% of the people said that they held the right to reject GM foods.

We stopped Bt Brinjal
and saved our food from permanent damage. But if BRAI is on, safe food is off.

Email Minister Chavan now to protect our food from genetic contamination:

Thanks a billion!

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