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24 February, 2010

What's going on in the Naxal belt?

Here are links to three articles which throw some light on events in the
Naxal-affected areas, circulated by Countercurrents:

Lalgarh - Lalmohan Tudu And Two Others
Murdered By CRPF

by Partho Sarathi Ray

The joint forces entered the house of Lalmohan Tudu, senior leader of the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCAPA), at around 11 pm, while he was preparing to go to bed. He was killed along with two of his relatives, Yubaraj Murmu and Suchitra Murmu, husband and wife. They were murdered in front of his mother, wife and only daughter

The Silda Attack: Understanding The Role Of
The EFR Camp In Reoccupation Strategies

by Sanhati

There has been a recent attack on a Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) camp in Silda in West Midnapur district, West Bengal, in which 24 EFR jawans have lost their lives. It is necessary to examine the function of this particular camp and its relation with local politics, to understand the tactical reasons behind the attack conducted by the Maoists

To Get Away With Murder, Chhattisgarh Style

by Javed Iqbal

A blow by blow account of the Gompad massacre and its aftermath

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