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18 December, 2009

Citizens voice concern over media's Soofiya Madani hunt

The following is a statement issued by a group of concerned citizens on Thursday

We, a group of concerned citizens from different walks of life, have come to know that the Kerala police has chargesheeted Soofiya Madani for her alleged involvement in the 2005 Kalamassery bus burning case. We do not want to take a position for or against Soofiya Madanai and we believe that the rule of the law and the constitution of India should prevail.

However, during the past few years we have seen a number of activists, students, scholars and other citizens from the Muslim community being imprisoned and persecuted in the name of combating terrorism. After long years in prison, many of them have been acquitted, free of all charges, by the higher courts. In the meantime most of them have been subjected to all kinds of violations of their fundamental rights. The media has also played a huge role in subverting the judicial process by sensationalizing these cases and publishing baseless stories without any proper investigation.

Soofiya Madani started appearing in news media in the context of the 10 year long imprisonment of her husband Abdul Nasser Madani without a trial. During this period, Soofiya was active in the affairs of the political outfit Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that her husband had founded. Abdul Nassar Madani was finally acquitted after this long incarceration without even as much as a whimper of apology, forget compensation. Following his acquittal, both Abdul Nasser and Soofiya Madani have been active in the electoral politics of Kerala, contesting the last Parliamentary elections along with the ruling Left Democratic Front. One of the cases against Soofiya Madani is that she was allegedly involved in conspiring the burning of a Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation bus at Kalamassery, Kochi in September 2005 - and an anticipatory bail plea on this case is pending before the Kerala High Court today.

However the media in Kerala has been extra-judicially trying Soofiya Madani -- often using highly questionable anti-Muslim representations -- equating a case of arson where her involvement has not been legally established yet -- to fundamentalist terrorism. This media campaign also needs to be seen in the context of a prevalent anti-Muslim rhetoric in the Malayalam language media in general.

In that context we fear that her basic constitutional rights might be violated in the coming days. We want to raise our collective voices against such an event and we strongly call on all concerned authorities to prevent any such violation from happening without prejudice to the Rule of Law and any investigations that should be carried out against her.

1. John Dayal, Member National Integration Council
2. K. Satchidanandan, Poet
3. M Rasheed, Freedom fighter & Journalist
4. Ajit Sahi, Journalist
5. A. K. Ramakrishnan, Professor, JNU (to be confirmed)
6. Sreerekha, Asst. Professor, Jamia Milia Islamia
7. Sreejitha P.V, , Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University
7. Jenny Rowena, Asst. Professor, Miranda House, DU
8. Hany Babu, Associate Professor, Dept. of English, Delhi University
9 Joe Athially, Delhi Solidarity Group
10, Shahina K K, Development Professional, Delhi
11. Rajeev Ramachandran, Journalist, Delhi
12. Maymon Madathingal, Software Engineer, Delhi
13. Sudeep K. S, Software Engineer, Delhi
14, Kamayani Bali Mahabal, Human Rights Activist, Mumbai
15. Anil Tharayath Varghese, Development Professional, Delhi
16. Bobby Kunhu, Human Rights Activist
17.K K Kochu,Dalit Scholar
18.G .P Ramachandran,Film Critic
19.K K Baburaj,Dalit Activists
20.M B Manoj,poet
21.Rekha raj,Development Profeesional,Cochin
22.Sunny m Kapikadu,Dalit Activist
23.J Raghu,Writer and scholar


Loser said...

Sorry to say sir,I don't think media is over concerned about Sufia madani.If she didn't do anything there is no need for any worry.All those who send this only seen in relgious view.Already police and court says that there is enough evidence against her.Even when this happened place at that time also police told that sufia is behind this.But at that time govt didn't give permission to arrest her.I believe in indian judiciary truth win at the end.If sufia behind this she should get the punishment.I want to see the faces of all these activists at that time.

mohana said...

ahhhh! if it isn't the usual suspects - john dayal et al. traitors like you should be ashamed of yourselves for for spreading falsehood.

Newton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Newton said...

soofiya madani has been arrested .....
for the kalamassery bus case ......

what i ponder about is ....
kalamassery bus kathikkal..... theevravaadhamay karuthaamo?
kathicha aalkkaar.. bus thattiyeduthittu... aalkkaare irakky vittittu bus dhoore kondu poy thee vekkukayaayirunnu....
janangaley konnilla, kollaan shremichilla, .... all they wanted from that was janashraddhha to madani case..... state property nashippichu ...sathyam.... pakshe..... THEEVRAVAADHAMAANO?...
ethrayo sangadanakal ethrayo busukal..... ksrtc jeevanakkaar bussinullil pollalettum thala polinjum maranapetta (kollapetta) sambhavam varey illey?

bomb casukalil involvement undenkil.... kadha vere.....

Ajith said...

While blaming there are issues that needs to be considered - Sufiya was aware of the activities of T Nazir , including his stay in bangalore for the bangalore blasts , and the supply of explosives to Surat. These were confessed by T Nazir and his cohorts. Sad thing is that there are few media groups who present a balanced picture if one group sensationalises the issue the other (Madhyamam,Thejas) present conspiracy theories for every terror incidents starting from 9/11.
A .N Madani nowa days appears as just a protege of Jamaat e Islami in kerala , whose main agenda is to drive away muslims from Cong and IUML. For Jamaat e Islami muslim leaders of cong(who makes a significant number in KPCC) are not muslim enough as they dont subscribe to Maudoodi's world view - where Islam is not a relegion but a global identity.
A fare depiction of the same can be obtained from its campaign during last loksabha election in malappuram and calicut where fundamental issues of common man were not concern but the strategic partnetsip with US and weapons purchase from Israel which is against "global muslim interest".

Its not the media's sensationalisation but the designs of Jamaat , which invites problems for the amicable environment in kerala

Cholan said...

Yes, media is exclusively responsible for the present mess and fuss! I don't understand the importance of this case, as a case to be watched "live" by the people. Malayalam visual media proved it again thier inefficiency and ignorance to deal with the case in a legal way. No channel has telecasted the views of a legal expert. Even a layman is aware that a First Class magistrate (Aluva Court in this case) will not normally grant bail to an accused in a case to be tried by Sessions Court, except our 'media gentlemen'.

Yes, this is our fate!!!!
Be prepared to bear it all !!!!!

Adv. Saleem Cholamukath
Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Prathap said...

This sounds like just another called protest to protect fundamental rights...

One thing is obvious...No Clear person has ever been christened a terrorist.

I am neither for nor against Mrs. Madani. ... See More
I am neither for nor against any religion.

But if one has sowed, he better reap it.

In a country like India, where you recently see a terrorist who was taped clearly committing acts of terrorism on the final day of trial says that he never did or even knows anything of that and the honourable court is forced to listen to him, well, it doesnt take much time for someone to get a clear chit after 10 years of a crime.

So guys, lets do something better & meaningful than waking noise (I cant call it voice) for these people who least are concerned about our fundamental rights...

Joe said...

not sure whether Mrs.Madani can be connected to the act of terrorism by this case ..a lady whose husband was jailed a state where seeks help from anywher for husbands treatment and release ,there is a chance many could have contacted..also insome way what i beleive in such situtation the lady or any other person can be misguided ,may be discussing something without knowing what is happening in actual ...there are possibilities ..and for those who so much trusted in Judiciary ,think the same was freed madani after 10 years is clear iss and rss was the first seeded relegious sprout in kerala ..but one who travelled on such a route and if he could stay away and work against that ,definitely it is his character strength and should be appreciated ..few things i will admire him for the calmness he shows now ,not as any other politicians in kerala ..the people who just takes advantage of the environment and circumstances and make it was opportunities should see the calmness he showed when his wife arrested .calmness and urge the people to do so too.. i hope this will be scrutinized ..please dont publish if not for good cause .

jayanthi said...

Extremely sorry to say Mr.Bhaskar, you know everything in part, but when I read your concern about Sufia Madani I feel you are trying to appease that community to be called. messiah

Anonymous said...