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02 October, 2009

District administration bans communal harmony programme at Ayodhya

The following is a statement issued by Sandeep Pandey and four others:

Ayodhya ki Awaz and Asha Parivar were to organize a Sarva Dharma Sadhbhav Sammelan like every year on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. This time the programme was scheduled to be held on October 1 at Ram-Janki Mandir, of which Jugul Kishore Shashtriji is the Mahant. But the Faizabad district administration cooked up a false allegation that a CD containing the controversial Gorakhpur MP Yogi Adityanath's speech was going to be screened at the programme and banned the programme itself.

Jugul Kishore Shashtri was taken by the police to the Pura Kalandar police station, 30 km from Ayodhya, so that he could not organize the programme in any way. The decision of the organizers was that if permission for the outdoor programme was not given then a meeting should be held indoors without a loudspeaker.

Members from Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu communities had assembled from various places at Shashtriji's temple to take part in the programme as in previous years. Ayodhay ki Awaz, Asha Parivar and NAPM have been organizing programmes every January 30, October 2 and December 6 in Ayodhya to strengthen the forces in favour of communal harmony and peace. Just last month (on September 24) Shashtriji had oranized an Id-milan programme in Faizabad.

A former District Magistrate, Amod Kumar, has even participated in some of the programmes of Ayodhya ki Awaz. But this time the district administration showed its communal colour and based on a false charge banned the programme and detained Shashtriji for the entire day. Shashtri was released in the evening.

We strongly condemn this act of the district administration of Faizabad to gag the right to expression and indirectly favour the communal forces.

Sandeep Pandey,
Faisal Khan,
Father Anand,
Father Baptist,
Bhante Tejankar Deep

Ayodhya, October 1, 2009

Jugul Kishore Shashtri may be contacted at 0-9451730269
Sandeep Pandey may be contacted at

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