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07 April, 2009

Waqar Khan, campaigner for communal amity, is no more

Ram Puniyani writes:

Waqar Khan
(picture on the right), a dear and close friend, passed away today, following a heart attack.

Waqar bhai has been very active in the field of communal harmony since the 1992-93 Mumbai riots. In Dharavi, he rendered yeomen service for the sake of communal amity.

He made a few very popular films, including Hum Sab Ek Hain which was a delight to watch. His films got a very appreciative response from the communities where it had been screened. The photograph which he shot showing the clergy of four religions has become a landmark contribution and became a popular sticker. He helped us in many secular initiatives, with full enthusiasm.

He came from a modest background. His insight into the issue was profound and many of us, including myself, learnt a lot from him. It is a personal loss to me.

It is a sad loss for the secular movement and the cause of communal amity.

Please see write-up on Waqar Khan which appeared at the News21 website, a journalism initiative of the Carnegie and Knight Foundations in 2007

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