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09 December, 2008

Muslims for Secular Democracy

Below is a communication from Javed Anand, circulated by the Rights Support Centre, drawing attention to the website of Muslims for Secular Democracy:

Please visit our website, for hundreds of reports by CNN, New York Times, and a host of Indian publications on the March by thousands of Muslims in Mumbai and 10 other cities in India to denounce terror in the name of Islam.

In the coming days we will also uplink pictures of the rally and more reports on the same. Please help us spread this message as widely as you can. This is your and our contribution in the battle against this global scourge.

When we came up with this idea less than a week ago, we told ourselves we should mobilise at least a hundred Muslims in Mumbai. It is really a very happy sign that everyone who heard of it also wanted to participate and by Sunday scores of organisations participated in 11 different cities cutting across sectarian divides.

Best Wishes

Javed Anand

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