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03 October, 2008

US professor seeking Dalit documentaries

The following is a message circulated by Professor Sreenath Sreenivasan in SAJA Forum:

From: "Erika George"

Subject: RE: India Dalit Documentaries?

I am teaching a seminar course comparing affirmative action/positive discrimination initiatives in different countries, including India. I am looking for a more recent documentary film (past 10-15 years) that
addresses issues of caste discrimination in India or the social justice
movements working on issues of caste discrimination. Basically, I am looking for something that would introduce the issue and provide background and context to students with little knowledge about the country or the issue of caste.

The film could be a biography of a prominent person from a low caste
or scheduled tribe or could address caste as a social category more generally and how it has evolved from colonialism through today. I suspect it would be difficult to find a film dealing exclusively with the issue of positive discrimination. At minimum I am hoping to identify a film that would be able to offer context to a classroom conversation about the justifications offered for quotas as well as the backlash against such programs in contemporary India.

Many thanks.

Erika R. George
Professor of Law
University of Utah
S.J. Quinney College of Law
332 South 1400 East, Room 101
Salt Lake City, UT 84106-0730
Phone: 801.581.7358, 801.581.6897 (fax)

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