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22 July, 2008

NAPM Convenor killed in Karnataka

The following is a message circulated by the Rights Support Centre

We are writing to share the extremely shocking news that NAPM Karnataka Convenor A.D Babu has been killed.

Mr Babu was on his way to attend a meeting organized by NAPMas part of the anti- liquor campaign at Ramnagaram, along with Sr. Celia and a couple of other colleagues when a group of people stopped the vehicle at Mayanagram and attacked him with knives and swords. He was killed on the spot, in front of his comrades.

It is believed that the liquor mafia of Karnataka is behind this gruesome murder.

Mr A D Babu was among the most active comrades who emerged within the leadership of NAPM and was made a convener of the State unit recently.

We call upon all sections of the people to condemn murder of A D Babu and demand immediate action by the State government.

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