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20 June, 2008

Standing with the poor is a crime

Binayak Sen, Prof. Jean Dreze and Kirity Roy are paying the price for their passion, courage and extraordinary work for the poor, says Gladson Dungdung, a human rights activist associated with Child Rights and You (CRY).

In an article, circulated by, he writes:

Obviously, this is not a fight between the state and the people like Binayak Sen, Jean Dreze and Kirity Roy but it is a fight of the state versus poor. Whenever the adivasis, dalits, poor and their supporters raise questions against the state they are dubbed "violators of laws", "separatists", "anti-national", “anti-development" and "naxalites" so that their voices can be easily suppressed.

See article “Standing with the poor is a crime”.

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