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14 April, 2008

Save the Turtle: an appeal from Greenpeace

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Dear Friend,

India is a beautiful land with a wonderful diversity of wildlife. Our seas in particular are home to beautiful and rare species. Among them, the endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtles visit India's East Coast every year to mate and lay eggs, and six weeks later their newborn babies make their way back into the sea. Orissa is one of the last places left on the planet where these turtles arrive after swimming thousands of miles, some from places as far away as the Philippines.

The species is fragile, it needs protection, it has nowhere else to turn to. If it dies, it takes an entire fragile ecosystem along with it.

Over the last decade, the beaches of Orissa have been turned into mass graveyards for turtles, with over 100,000 turtles being washed ashore dead. While a majority of turtle deaths are caused by illegal trawling, destructive mega-projects such as large commercial ports also threaten the turtles and their habitat.

Greenpeace has been campaigning to save the Olive Ridley Turtles of Orissa from these threats. Working along with local groups and taking direct action, we have brought the issue to the attention of the governments and companies involved, asking that they take action to safeguard the species for your generation as well as future ones.

It's the Tatas. They're about to build a huge port in Dhamra, close to the turtles' sensitive breeding area, even though alternative sites exist.Greenpeace believes they can be stopped.

The great thing about the Tatas, you see, is that they listen to their customers (that's you) because you make them who they are. That's why we're not asking you to boycott them, we're asking you to make them better.

Mr. Ratan Tata has already promised that he won't build the port if there's any evidence of turtles in the area. Greenpeace has given him that proof, but he won't listen to us. Maybe he'll listen to you. And turn the Tatas into the caring and nurturing corporate family that they profess to be.

Maybe he'll listen to you. And turn the Tatas into the caring and nurturing corporate family that they profess to be.

To make sure Ratan hears you loud and clear, simply click here to send him an email.

On behalf of the planet's last Olive Ridley Turtles,

Ashish Fernandes
Oceans Campaigner, Greenpeace India

PS: You can help spread the word by forwarding this message to your friends

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that uses non-violent creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems to force solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. We promote open, informed debate about society's environmental choices. We use research, lobbying, and quiet diplomacy to pursue our goals, as well as high-profile, peaceful protest to raise the level and quality of public debate. And we believe that the struggle to preserve the future of our planet is not about us. It's about you.

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