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27 February, 2008

An Indian Google may come from a small town, not Bangalore or Bombay

Can India Produce a Google? Sandip Roy, of New American Media, put this question to Rafiq Dossani, Executive Director of South Asia Programs at Stanford University's Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, in an interview.

Dossani, who was once an editor with Business India weekly, one of India's best-known business publications, is the author of a book "India Arriving-How this Economic Powerhouse is Redefining Global Business", which was published in the United States recently.

Dossani told Roy: “If you ask me, ‘Will those who started the industry and have taken it to its present size - firms like TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Infosys, Wipro, can they be the ones to do the kind of Google creative work?’ the answer is no. In fact, Google was not created by a large firm, it was a startup.

“Now, if you ask whether someone else might do that in India, and who that will be, well I have an answer that will probably surprise you. I think it will come not from Silicon Valley inspired startups, although several of those have been formed and are doing fairly innovative work, but catering mostly to the global markets. It will come when India's local market reaches a certain level of maturity, and it'll come from a small town. It won't come from Bangalore or Bombay, Delhi, or one of those cities.

More excerpts from the interview at the NAM site.

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