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28 December, 2007

Dr. Binayak Sen still in prison

Dr. Binayak Sen, well-known pediatrician and human rights activist, who was arrested by the Chhattisgarh police on May 14 on specious charges is still in jail.

His case was due to come up in the court of the Additional District Judge (Fast Track Court), Raipur, today. There were reports that charges will be framed against him today, but information on the day’s proceedings was still awaited at the time of writing

The Supreme Court had rejected Dr. Sen’s bail application and Special Leave Petition on December 10, Human Rights Day.

The court's decision is out of tune with the dictum laid down by it on an earlier occasion that "bail is the rule, jail is exception."

The People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Chhattisgarh Unit, has appealed to all human rights and democratic organisations and activists to express solidarity with Dr. Sen, whom it describes as “one of the most articulate and active defenders of human rights in India”.

The PUCL-CG has expressed concern at the delay tactics and interference in legal proceedings by the Chhattisgarh Police. One of the examples was the presence of the Investigating Officers right inside the Court during last hearing on December 5, although as prosecution witnesses they are not permitted to interfere with the trial proceedings. When Dr. Sen’s lawyers pointed this out, the court asked the police officials to leave.

Those who wish to express solidarity with Dr. Binayak Sen may kindly do so by signing an online petition.

1 comment:

Prabir said...

As friends of Binayak we thank you for drawing attention to his continued imprisonment.
Prabir (Immunization Consultant UNICEF 2007)